Thanks for your interest in Blueprint! We're a club that designs and develops apps for nonprofits pro-bono and promotes tech for social good. This semester, we're recruiting developers and external directors! Our application is now open at and will be due Thursday 1/26 at 11:59 AM (daytime).

<aside> ➡️ Our in-person infosession will take place on Friday 1/20 6:30pm, at Jacobs 310. We will be hosting 5 virtual infosessions across Saturday 1/21 and Sunday 1/22.


At a glance:

Thurs 1/19 Fri 1/20 Sat 1/21 Sun 1/22 Mon 1/23
1 PM 💻 Developer (Fr)
2 PM 💻 Developer (GEM)
3 PM
4 PM 💻 Developer (URM)
5 PM 🔮 Joint: GEMS in Tech Panel 💻 Developer (Regular)
6 PM 🔮 Joint: GEMS in Tech Panel 💎 BP Main Infosession
7 PM 💎 BP Main Infosession 📣 External
8 PM 💎 BP Main Infosession 🎯 Joint: Clubs and Cookies Tech Club Fair
9 PM 🎯 Joint: Clubs and Cookies Tech Club Fair

(Fr) = Freshman/Transfer focused

(URM) = Underrepresented Minority presenters

(GEM) = Gender Minorities

In-Person Events: Times and Details

Friday, 1/20 6:30-8:30PM

💙 BP In-Person Infosession

Jacobs 310 - No signup needed!

Monday, 1/23 8-9:30PM

🍪 Clubs and Cookies

Joint infosession with Blueprint, [email protected], Product Space, Launchpad, Codebase, WDB, [email protected], and Codeology!

Virtual Registration: Times and Zoom links

<aside> ⚠️ Registration is for mini Zoom infosessions, which are restricted to 50 people. Don’t worry if they’re full - come out to attend our full infosession 1/20 at Jacobs 310!


Saturday, 1/21 1-2PM

🖥 Developer (Fr)